Beverley Register Office

Beverley Register Office
Beverley Register Office

Register births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships at Beverley Register Office. Contact Beverley Register Office by phone, email or post to or book an appointment.

The services offered by Beverley Register Office include:

  • Register a birth
  • Get a copy of a birth certificate
  • Give notice of marriage and marriage wedding venue.
  • Register a death and get a death certificate
  • Register a still-birth


Beverley Register Office Wedding Prices


What is the minimum I can spend to get married?

  • an intention to get married – £35 each
  • a basic wedding package in a register office – £57 for a basic ceremony


How much does it cost to submit a notice of intention to marry?

Have you lived within the East Riding for at least 8 days?

If the answer is yes, it will cost £35 per person payable to the local registration office where you are giving notice.

If the answer is no, it will cost £35 per person payable to your own local registration office for the district where you pay your council tax. Any foreign national can contact our office by telephone or email and we can advise them according to their personal situation.


How much do I need to pay for a deposit for my wedding package?

This depends on the type of package you have chosen and when you book your ceremony booking within a year of your ceremony date you will pay a £50 deposit.

Booking over a year from the date of your ceremony you’ll pay a £50 deposit plus an extra £35 booking fee for keeping the date available for your ceremony.


How much does it cost to buy an additional copy of my wedding certificate?

An additional copy of your wedding certificate or civil partnership certificate can be purchased for £11. You have the option to choose a priority or a standard delivery or pick it up from our Beverley Registration office.


Is there a charge for the group rehearsal?

Yes. It costs £35 per couple to book a wedding rehearsal.


How much would it cost if I decide to have a celebratory ceremony in a private venue?

If you decide to have your ceremony in a private venue, there will be an additional £200 venue assessment fee which is paid at the time of booking.


Is there any charge for cancelling or re-arranging my ceremony?

Cancelling up to 3 days prior to the ceremony

The cancellation fee is £50.

Cancelling less than 3 days before the ceremony

The whole of the ceremony fee must be paid.

Change to Date, Time or Venue

The cancellation fee is £50.


Beverley Register Office Address & Contact Details

Walkergate House
Beverley HU17 9BP
United Kingdom (UK)
Phone: 01482 393600

Beverley Register Office Opening Hours

Monday9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Thursday9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday9:00 AM - 4:30 PM